D-Link Smart Home Security Kit - DCH-107KT

D-Link Smart Home Security Kit - DCH-107KT DCH-107KT by D-Link

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Produto: D-Link Smart Home Security Kit - DCH-107KT

Fabricante: D-Link

P/N: DCH-107KT

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Disponibilidade: Disponível

199,90 €


Cor da caixa*
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Z-Wave frequency
868,4 MHz
Central control unit
Central control unit interface*
RF Wireless
Central control unit connectivity technology*
Wi-Fi (central control unit)*
Padrões Wi-Fi
The type of wireless local area network (LAN). It can be ad-hoc, where units in a network communicate peer-to-peer, or Infrastructure, where units communicate with each other via an access point A LAN interconnects computers in a small area e.g. home, school or office.
IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Wi-Fi frequency
2,4 GHz
USB port*
Versão USB
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the interface used for connection, communication and power supply between computers and electronic devices. Every new version - for example 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 - is much faster than the previous one.
Ethernet LAN*
An Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) interface is present, for a wired conection via a cable.
Quantidade de portas Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)
Number of Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports (connecting interfaces) in the device. Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports allow a computer to connect to the ethernet.
Protocolos de rede suportados
protocolos de rede testados como compativeis a o produto
ARP, ICMP, TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6, HNAP, DHCP client, NTP client, Bonjour. 802.11b/g/n, Z-Wave v6.02
Central control unit battery voltage
5 V
Central control unit battery current
1,2 A
Central control unit operating temperature (T-T)
0 - 40°C
Central control unit operating relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 90
Central control unit storage temperature (T-T)
-20 - 70°C
Central control unit storage relative humidity (H-H)
5 - 95
Central control unit dimensions (WxDxH)
100 x 100 x 110 mm
Central control unit weight
180 g
Security camera*
Interface da câmara
The place where the camera connects to other devices e.g. USB port.
Sem fios/Wireless
Camera connectivity technology
Resolução Máxima
The maximum number of pixels that can be displayed in the image. It is usually quoted as width × height,: for example, "1024 × 768" means the width is 1024 pixels and the height is 768 pixels.
1280 x 720 pixels
Tipo de sensor de imagem
A sensor is a convertor than measures a physical quality (light, temperature etc.) and displays this electronically on a device.
Tamanho do sensor CCD
Optical sensors are electronic detectors that convert light, or a change in light, into an electronic signal. They are used in many industrial and consumer applications e.g. lamps that turn on automatically in response to darkness. Optical sensors come in many sizes.
Formatos de vídeo
The type of video formats that can be used by this device.
H.264, MPEG4
Modos de vídeos suportados
The video modes that can be displayed by the device.
Até 30 fotogramas por segundo
30 fps
Capacidade de zoom
The amount that the camera lens can zoom.
Zoom digital
Indica a capacidade do zoom digital, o numero de vezes que a foto è ampliada com a tecnologia digital
Camera motion detection
Versão nocturna
Night vision is technology which allows you to see in low light conditions.
Distância de visão nocturna
Tipo de LED
Compressão de áudio
The audio formats which this device or software can read/use e.g. MP3, MP4.
Microfone incorporado
Microphone that is found inside the product.
Ângulo de visão (horizontal)
Maximum horizontal angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance.
Ângulo de visão (vertical)
Maximum vertical angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance.
Ângulo de visão, diagonal
Consumo de energia
Energia consumida com esse modelo ; medida in watts. As valutacoens do produtor geralmente consistem em consumo de energia a produto desligado, em stamd-by, em uso nromal e a maxima uso.
3,5 W
F-number (abertura relativa)
Distância mínima de focagem
43,4 cm
Camera security algorithms
Camera operating temperature (T-T)
0 - 40°C
Camera operating relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 80
Camera storage temperature (T-T)
-20 - 70°C
Camera storage relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 80
Camera dimensions (WxDxH)
58 x 84,5 x 124,9 mm
Peso da câmara
160 g
Camera certification
CE, CE LVD, FCC Class B, C-Tick
Door/window sensor *
Door/window sensor interface
RF Wireless
Door/window sensor connectivity technology
Door/window sensor battery type
Sensor de movimento *
Device that detects moving objects, particularly people. A motion detector is often integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. Motion detectors form a vital component of security, automated lighting control, home control, energy efficiency, and other useful systems.
Door/window sensor operating temperature (T-T)
-10 - 40°C
Door/window sensor operating relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 90
Door/window sensor storage temperature (T-T)
-20 - 70°C
Door/window sensor storage relative humidity (H-H)
5 - 95
Door/window sensor dimensions (WxDxH)
96 x 28 x 23 mm
Door/window sensor magnet dimensions (WxDxH)
50 x 10 x 12 mm
Door/window sensor weight
34.1 g
Alarme *
Siren connectivity technology
Siren battery type
Siren battery voltage
5 V
Siren battery current
1,2 A
Decibéis do alarme
110 dB
N.º de sons de alarme
Siren operating temperature (T-T)
-10 - 40°C
Siren operating relative humidity (H-H)
20 - 90
Siren storage temperature (T-T)
-20 - 70°C
Siren storage relative humidity (H-H)
5 - 95
Siren dimensions (WxDxH)
110 x 110 x 19 mm
Siren weight
125 g
Siren certification
FCC, Z-Wave Plus
Conteúdo da embalagem
Door/window sensor battery included
Tipo de embalagem
The type of product package e.g. box.

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